Our Objectives

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  • To provide a forum in which Members of the Association can discuss matters relating to energy which include its exploration, production, separation, gathering, transmission, liquefaction, distribution, storage, marketing and utilisation.
  • To advance knowledge and learning, and stimulate research in all areas of energy technology, in collaboration with higher learning institutions, think-tanks and similar bodies and organizations.
  • To promote the uniformity of practices, policies and standards relating to the industry.
  • To improve and promote standards of safety, health and environmental impact in the energy industry, at both the industrial and the consumer ends.
  • To take such other desired steps as may enhance the development of the energy industry in Negara Brunei Darussalam.
  • To enrich the understanding of the public and its various representatives about the conservation and efficient utilisation of energy to the nation.
  • To collect information on energy industry activities, and disseminate that information via periodic publications, press releases, forums and symposiums, internet outlets and other communication channels.
  • To promote friendship, goodwill and co-operation amongst organisations and professionals involved in energy-related activities.
  • To participate pro-actively in worldwide energy activities under the auspices of such renowned bodies as the International Gas Union (IGU), the Gas International Exchange in the Western Pacific (GASEX), and the APEC EWG Business Network (EBN), with the set focus to advance both knowledge and research in the energy industry.
  • The Association shall be a non-profit organization. In furtherance of its objectives, BEnA may choose to affiliate with any other relevant national bodies and/or international institutions pursuing similar objectives.