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Brunei Energy Association (BEnA)

The Brunei Energy Association, or BeNA, was originally formed in 2002, with the primary objective to assist in facilitating an international event a?? namely, the GASEX Exposition – hosted in Brunei Darussalam in 2002. Over the past 12 years, the Brunei Energy Association has been very proactive in the actualization of its objectives through the dissemination of information, collaborative activities and organized events within the energy industry in Brunei Darussalam. BEnA and its Members continue to play leading roles today in the nation, especially in the continued expansion and development of the energy industry, as well as placing emphasis upon energy conservation, usage efficiency and safety practices for our people. BEnA remains a front-line responder to the call to actively participate in the procurement, conservation and efficient use of energy. For example, one of our challenges is to lower the current level of national electricity consumption, which is now equal to the consumption levels in highly developed regional nations such as Japan, Singapore and Taiwan. This is indeed a startling figure for Brunei, especially since the majority users are residential users, rather than commercial and industrial users. The practices of energy conservation and efficiency are critical elements in continuing the progress of our nation. BEnA will continue to pursue the objectives through educating the citizenry on the benefits of conserving energy and the dangers of excessive, unsafe and wasteful usage of these most precious resources. We will continue to promote the importance of low energy consuming lifestyles, and to develop the technologies and standards that improve safety, conservation, and cost-effectiveness. By doing so, we will ensure our future generations will be able to enjoy the gifts of our bountiful energy resources that are so readily available to us today. We believe the members of BEnA have the right mindset and strategies in the pursuit of the goal in promoting effective energy conservation and in identifying energy efficiency opportunities, as well as the development and use of static and renewable energy sources in Brunei Darussalam.